Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West" Movie Redistributed, Prompts Hatred, Angst and Disgust

Mass-distribution of film, Obsession, is financed by pro-McCain groups and prompts hatred, angst and disgust.

I was just writing about how racist Israel and the west are. Now, they're even proving it more. Free copies of the 2006 racist American movie "Obsession" are being distributed this week in several U.S. states through local papers. As part of McCain's presidential campaign indirectly, the movie is releasing, spreading islamophobia around the powerful and fearless nation, America. The film is a typical example of American terror propaganda.

About the Film
The film features pro-Israel ex-terrorist Walid Shoebat (trash-) talking about Islam, and how radical muslims are such terrorists and Israel is peaceful nation. The movie compares the threat of radical Islam with that of Nazism. It shows that Islamic parties are similar to the Nazi party, and Adolf Hitler relating with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Just for your information, the term Grand Mufti of Jerusalem describes the Sunni Muslim cleric present in Jerusalem, in charge of the holy places in Jerusalem. Not because the Mufti sat one day with Hitler, he is Nazi! Eisenhower sat with Hitler one day. Does that make him Nazi? Hitler had benefits with the Mufti because Palestine was once an English colony.

The movie starts off with showing the September 11th attacks in New York. Yeah, it's a tragedy... A tower with offices of the hugest companies of the world. But the destruction of Palestinians houses and Iraqi buildings is no tragedy at all. What the hell? Both are civilians! Iraqis and Palestinians are humans just the same as Americans, and should have human rights just the same way. The film then moves to the 11 March Madrid attacks. How many victims? About two hundred. Just count how many vehicles in Palestine have been destroyed by Israeli terrorists, and how many in Iraq destroyed by American imperialists. After all, it is not known yet whether "radical" Muslims are responsible for the attacks, as it is possible that ETA is responsible for it. That's in addition to the London attacks and the attacks in Russia on the school. Now Russia is no longer the bad guy, but we (Muslims) are.

This Palestinian woman talking in the film is full of shit. Seriously... She's not even Muslim. She doesn't want the Holy Qur'an (Allah's words) to replace the constitution (man's words)! The quotes taken about Abu Hamza are not true.. not even logical. This is the first time in my life to hear about non-Muslims treated like "cows". In Muslim land, you cannot sell a non-Muslim in the slave market. You cannot kill a non-Muslim. This is total bullshit. This part is a result of montage, and it's obvious. Why would he say that? Why didn't the movie makers keep the whole topic, or even placed it in context? This is because he never said such a thing. Abu Hamza was clearly talking about something else, and they only took out the parts they like. Any Muslim would not believe this as it's not logical, and would know that it is fake.

Jihad was once a good term for America. When the Soviets were the bad guys back in the late 80's and early 90's, America supplied Muslim Jihad from Chechnya with weapons, and Jihad was once an ally. It's all changed now. Jihad (for America of course) is now terrorism. Americans can just flip the facts the way they want.

What is Jihad?
Jihad is literally another word for "struggle". It is not "holy war". It is actually a way of life. Jihad is the self-struggle of a Muslim against all pleasures of life for the sake of Allah. I can't see anything wrong with that. Death for the sake of Allah is only a part of Jihad. It is only when a Muslim nation is in the state of war. Death for the sake of Allah, I repeat, is a minor part of Jihad. We don't get those ads on TV calling for Jihad. It's just unbelievable how biased this film is.

Islamist Propaganda vs. Western Propaganda
I have to say this is the first time I hear of this term, "Islamist Propaganda". I have lived all of my life in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and I have never seen anyone on TV or in the streets that calls for Jihad. Plus, if somebody attacks me in my place, kills my family and destroys my house, I will never be peaceful and welcoming. That's the same thing happening in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries. Then from where do you think those people you call "terrorists" come from? Nobody is violent by nature. Nobody likes killing. Terrorism is one whole thing, and resistance is another.

What about western propaganda? Resistance is a word we haven't heard in the media for decades. Those so-called "radical Muslims" are resisting. All these attacks are no more than responses to the terror America left in Iraq, and the violence Israel imposes in Palestine. All the hate you see in them (although this film is extremely biased) is from the hate originating in the west from the first place. In the west, there are capitalists... those who are greedy and can slaughter blood for oil, not any of the "freeing the land from a dictator" bullshit as claimed about the war in Iraq... those are major companies in America that control the economy of the country. They have no morals. All they want is money. Then what do you think the war in Iraq was all about in the first place?

Hate speech! That's one term I've heard in this film repeatedly. Hate! Hatred! Hate speech! Hate propaganda! There is no such thing as hate propaganda that comes from nowhere. It is all a form of response from the hate propaganda that America initiated in Iraq and Afghanistan during the wars. What do you expect from someone who saw his family slaughtered, his house destroyed and his neighbours killed and the whole country at war?

Obsession is the typical example of propaganda. It is hate speech. It is more of "Radical Misinformation and the War Against Islam" rather than "Radical Islam's War Against the West". It is literally war against Islam.


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